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Polyethylene is a plastic with the simplest structure and is widely used in the world due to its ease of molding and processing and its high-cost performance.
For example, polyethylene is used in daily products such as food packaging, detergent bottles, and PET bottle caps. It is also used in industrial parts such as industrial pipes, electric wire coating, automobile fuel tanks, which means polyethylene is a versatile material that can be found in every scenes of everyday life.
It may not be named as a leading role, but polyethylene is a material that is playing an essential supporting role in our society with its strong presence.

In addition, as polyethylene items can be recycled and reused, we can say that it is a material that has the potential of contributing to making an eco-friendly society.

As the world moves on, materials that support must also move on. As a leading polyethylene company in Japan, we Japan Polyethylene will continue searching new potentials of our ‘useful’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ material, polyethylene.

R&D Policy and Strategy

Basic Policy

We pursue customer satisfaction by our world-class technology and proffer our customer global solutions.

1. Developing Technologies of Catalysts and polymerization

Our sister company, Nippon Polychem‘s R&D Department has the world’s most advanced metallocene and post-metallocene catalyst technologies. Polyethylene polymerized with these unique catalysts can exhibit new functions such as excellent balance of physical properties and processability, high adhesiveness with other materials and so on.

2. Materials design and development

We have the broadest range of polyethylene grade lineups in Japan. We are also continually improving these grades to respond to our customers‘ needs promptly.
We also have various kinds of actual-machine-level molding machines, from injection molding machines to film molding machines, and we are actually molding and processing products close to the final product at our lab. The test results of these items are fed back into our material design.

3. Developing new applications

We are searching new applications of polyethylene products with our customers by utilizing our actual-machine-level molding machines.
One of our goals it to develop an environmentally-friendly product.


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