Metallocene HDPE HIFORTEC™

A next level High-density polyethylene made by our new and unique technology


HIFORTEC™ is a high class metallocene polyethylene made by combining our methods on catalyst, production process and resin designs.


New grades which have excellent processability and high-level balance of durability / rigidity are now under development to match your molding methods!

DetergentAlready Bottles<br>( used in Japan)

DetergentAlready Bottles
( used in Japan)

PET Bottle Cap<br>( Under Development )

PET Bottle Cap
( Under Development )

Thinner & Lighter bottles<br>(Under Development)

Thinner & Lighter bottles
(Under Development)

Low power consumption bottles<br>(Under Development)

Low power consumption bottles
(Under Development)

Line up

Physical properties HIFORTEC™

Basic Properties Unit Method HB331RE
(High impact resistance/ durability)
Under Development
(High Fluidity / durability)
Under Development
(High Fluidity / rigidness)
Under Development
High durability)
MFR g/10min ISO 1872-2 0.4 1.1 1.3 0.4
Density g/cm3 ISO 1872-2 0.952 0.953 0.957 0.959
Flexural Modulus MPa ISO 1872-2 1300 1300 1500 1600
Tensile Impact Strength kJ/m2 ASTM D1822 330 150 110 160
Melt Tension mN JIS K7119 60 40 40 50
ESCR at bottle hr JPE Method 1000 131 13 17
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